Things I’ve Learned in Spain-5

16. Air actually blows in those little air vent things in the ground here in Spain. So don’t walk over them when you’re wearing your new purple dress or you will have a legit Marilyn Monroe moment in the streets of Madrid. Oopsies…

17. When you go to the temple without your Spanish professor, everyone will talk to you in English. Even the extremely attractive Portuguese man who spoke perfect English without ever having set foot in the United States. Unfortunately, he was attached to a very cute Portuguese girl. Dang it….
18. When the temple president comes in to greet you and thank you personally for coming to the temple, you should probably wake up your roommate who’s dozing next to you. Or else she’ll be mad. Also, all the nice people in the world are from Arizona. Including the cute old man checking temple recommends at the front desk.
19. If you come to Spain to be immersed in the Spanish culture, be prepared for lots of American music.
20. The only deodorant available in Spain is the rolly kind and the spray kind. Both are way more fun than the regular American kind–so either way, you win.

Things I’ve Learned in Spain-4-Picasso Edition

12. Picasso paintings are just as weird in real life as they are in the pictures you’ve studied in school. Part of me feels bad for his models. Their self-esteem must take a real hit when your portrait turns out like this.

Poor girl. I bet her nose really isn’t that hideous
13. You will make mistakes when learning Spanish. Just do your best to get the host family that puts up with your ramblings and still smiles and pretends like you make sense.
14. It turns out that singing really loud during church gets you weird looks even in Spain. These Spaniards don’t even know what loud obnoxious mezzo-soprano hit them.
15. When you go to the plaza to watch the teeny-boppers with nose piercings skateboard, you will inevitably be dared to go break dance with them. But it’s all ok, because you will receive an ice cream cone as a consolation prize for your ridiculous display. And we all know that a nice scoop of chocolate ice cream is totally worth it 🙂

Things I’ve Learned in Spain-3

10. Harry Potter is just as entertaining in Spanish as it is in English. It just takes more time to comprehend.

Oh yeah-this is what I bought today 🙂
11. Tapas are tricky. Tapas are the appetizers you order between lunch and dinner, and most of the time they have weird names and you don’t know what the heck they are. Sometimes you get potatoes and ketchup, but other times you get crab puffs with claws sticking out. Dangerous business, tapas.

Things I’ve Learned in Spain-2

6. Don’t try to buy anything from 2-5pm. The entire CITY is closed for siesta. Siestas are frustrating.

7. Siestas are wonderful! Naps in the middle of the day? Why do we not do this in the United States??

8. Not wearing shoes around the house is weird. So at least put on flip-flops, or else you’ll offend people with your gross feet.

9. When you go into a store and ask about a Barcelona Messi jersey, the man who owns the store is going to pretend you don’t understand what he’s saying when you say no. So say no and run out. As quickly as you can.

Madrid post tomorrow!

Things I’ve Learned in Spain

  1. If you use a public bathroom, you have to pay for toilet paper. Before you go in your little stall. If you don’t…well, you’re stuck
  2. People here say Vale. All. The. Time. It’s like “cool” or “yeah” or the stupid filler word “like” that everyone wishes they could stop staying but can’t because it’s so ingrained in their vocabulary. And so they keep saying it. Vale, vale, vale!
  3. If you go into the local cathedral and stick your head close to the little monument thing, an alarm will probably go off. And then a Catholic priest will come to check on it. But he’ll be nice when you explain and then try and baptize you. (This one didn’t actually happen to me. But it was great.)
  4. Watching a soccer (or futbol) game in Spain is way cooler than at home. And everyone gets really into it and will be mad at you if you cheer for Barcelona. Me encanta Messi, though. I can’t give up on mi amor that easily!
  5. When a Spanish man puts up his hand, he’s just waving. He doesn’t actually want a high-five.