Bastille Day

My roommate Desiree and I were up pretty late talking Sunday night, and by the time we went to bed it was already past midnight and into the next day–July 14th.

Happy Bastille Day! I exclaimed.

In honor of the day, we listened to Le Marseillaise while marching about patriotically and getting ready for bed.

French Flag
French Monument
French Fries

Fast forward a few hours. The air conditioning in our apartment decided to call it quits while it was 90+ degrees outside, and we were all laying around lazily, trying to find motivation to move our do something other than wallow in the heat.

Let’s celebrate Bastille Day and liberate some people!

So we ran across the street to where the boys in our ward live and stormed several apartments, Desiree shouting to the inhabitants of the apartment that they were free while I sang Le Marseillaise in incomprehensible syllables of gibberish.

Why yes, we did look this epic.

After returning home, I looked up the information for Bastille Day on Wikipedia and found out the raid on the French prison in July of 1789 only released 7 people.

7 people. How anticlimactic.

After being disappointed for a while about France’s inability to pick a proper day to celebrate their country (calm down, I’m just kidding), Desiree gave me a little boost.

Think about when we went to apartment #1, and only Kyle was there. Did we falter because there was only one prisoner? Of course not! We freed him just like we did the others, and think about how much he appreciated it!

(Note: Kyle tried to ignore us and kept writing to his missionary brother. But I’m sure somewhere deep…deep…really deep down he appreciated it.)

And so we sang Le Marseillaise one last time before we started planning our next celebration:

July 31st.
Harry Potter’s birthday.
Wingardium Leviosa.


The Legend of the Coloring Book

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Rylee. Rylee was a sophomore in high school and was still trying to learn how to use a straightener properly. Even though her hair was comparable to a bush, she was still a happy little high-schooler–she always had her bosom friend Tenery Martineau to make her feel better (She had big hair issues, too).

Rylee and Tenery had met the previous year in Ms. Millhorn’s Freshman Honors English class, but their friendship had really blossomed this year in Mr. Steiner’s Sophomore Honors Math class. He was weird, they were weird, and Scott Halbert was weird, so, naturally, they all got along swimmingly. The three students may have even chalked their math teacher’s house one night, but that’s another story entirely–stop distracting me.

One year on Rylee’s birthday, Tenery gave her the greatest gift of all time–monstrously huge Disney princess coloring pages. We’re talking about the kind that folded out and covered the entire kitchen table. Rylee was thrilled because just that morning she had received a brand new box of crayons from her parents (So I’m easily entertained). She went home with Tenery that night and they colored away on those huge pages, simply enjoying each other’s company and talking about how weird Scott Halbert was.

Then a dark shadow fell across the land–Tenery moved. She told Rylee about moving right before their math final, which was a bad idea because all Rylee did was cover those stupid cosine equations or whatever the heck they were in her salty tears. But then Tenery and her dear mother brought Rylee some mango salsa for Christmas and all was forgiven (So I’m easily pleased.) But all the mango salsa in the world couldn’t change the fact that Rylee’s bosom friend was living in a foreign country. (Territory, you say? Nuance.) Rylee continued on, but she still missed her bosom friend.

On her birthday, though, Rylee received a package in the mail. It was in a big box addressed from Puerto Rico, and Rylee knew it could only be one thing–Disney Princess Coloring Pages.

Rylee and Tenery continued their friendship through the years. They spent their first year of college partying it up and meeting friends, their second year of college going to school together at unholy hours of the morning, and their third year of college watching Psych and taking naps after work. Christmas crept up on the two friends, and they exchanged presents. Rylee gave Tenery a pair of crazy socks (she has a sock fettish, ok?) and a pair of dangly earrings. Guess what Rylee got?

Disney Princess Coloring Pages.


I sometimes like to think that my blog posts are random. I’ve got nothing on Tenery Martineau, though. Please read this and tell me you aren’t a little confused about what just happened.

All the Single Ladies

Disclaimer: I have intentionally avoided any mention of my dating life so far on this blog. I didn’t want to be that girl–the sentimental and dull one. But I felt like this would be something fun to write about. So please don’t judge me and my singleness–just enjoy the random ramblings of Rylee.

One of Haley’s friends, who I happen to be friends with on Facebook, had this as her status the other day:

Note: the following has been edited for grammatical errors and censored for inappropriate language.

“I just wanna get married, and skip all the other shinanigans. It’s too stressful. But I can’t seem to find the dang fast forward button.”

I don’t want to belittle this poor girl’s feelings, but I couldn’t help but laugh internally when I read this (The laugh would have been external, but I was in the library at the time). Part of it was because I found it funny that something like that would be on the mind of a high school senior. I wanted to tell her: Honey, you don’t know the MEANING of wanting to get married. Come spend a week at BYU and I’ll show you wanting to get married. But the other part of me laughed because I knew that this thought tends to be on my mind quite frequently as well. Where the heck is my dang fast forward button?

After thinking about this to myself for a bit (remember, I’m putting off writing a paper at this point) I realized that hitting a fast forward button would have meant skipping all sorts of amazing things that have happened to me in the last year alone.

Let’s review, shall we? (feel free to refer to my picture history on Facebook–that’s what I did)

My Adventures in 2011
  • I spent 6 weeks in Spain.
  • I’ve sung my heart out in the greatest musical group I’ve ever been in
  • I’ve eaten cookie dough and brownie batter with people who appreciate it like I do
  • I traveled all over Italy.
  • I lived with a group of girls that made a shrine to Jimmer Fredette.
  • I’ve gone on the funnest (yes, funnest) group dates
  • I spend my evenings harmonizing with my roommates as we sing Disney songs
  • I went to Paris.
  • I had a fun little summer fling.
  • I went to New York for the Psych premiere.
  • I’ve had my entire life documented in pictures by a certain camera-loving Asian
  • I went to the Holi fest and have done other fun things with my Choir-Friend Candace
  • I’ve had mid-day Psych marathons-slash-naptimes with my long time bosom friend
  • I’ve made friends with some of the greatest people I’ve ever known.
Honestly–sometimes I look back on the opportunities I’ve had and the people I’ve met and wonder how I could possibly be disappointed with the way my life has turned out. Why would I ever want to hit the dang fast forward button and miss all of this?

I feel like a lot of the counsel I have been receiving lately has been about being patient and knowing that the Lord will always do what’s best for me. President Uchtdorf’s “Forget Me Not” talk (didn’t you just love it?) has especially inspiring words. In his “Forget-Not to Be Happy Now” section, he recounts the attitude of the general public in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as several people decided they could not be happy with a chocolate bar unless it had a golden ticket in it. The chocolate bar they all loved so much before was not enough for them, and they wanted something more. This example really resonated with me because I really, REALLY like chocolate. And I really, REALLY like my life. There is no reason to not be happy now with what I have. And here’s the thing: I know that my golden ticket (marriage, for all of you keeping track of the metaphors at home) is coming later and, I must confess, I am pretty stoked for that blessed day. But I might as well enjoy the chocolate now while I can, because heaven knows that I’m not going to be able to do all the great things I’ve done once I’m married (especially having a summer fling. I believe that is called adultery.) 

So I guess this is my declaration of contentment. I love life. I love the shinanigans. And I love that I have a Heavenly Father who knows me better than I know myself, and loves me enough to give me what’s best for me. And so until you all receive an invite to my perfect wedding to my perfect (Spanish) husband in the future, feel free to come party it up with the girl who’s loving life. 🙂

Day 22-Something That Makes Me Different

I’ve been sitting here for a while now. I’ve watched the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s twice. I’ve Facebook stalked cute boys in the ward. I’ve even gotten a bowl of ice cream, all the while trying to decide what I could possibly say makes me different than everyone else. This actually becomes pretty difficult when you live in an apartment of carbon-copy girls.

Melinda and I are both in Women’s Chorus and share a love for all things Cary Grant. Or Audrey Hepburn. Or James Stewart. Or kind of Gone With the Wind. We actually just had a discussion about Rock Hudson, too, so clearly I can’t play the old-movie-buff card.

Brooke and I are both English Majors. We are the ones who sit on the couch late at night, either reading a book bigger than our heads or typing up forever-long papers. Every once and a while we take a break to talk about feminism or British Romantic poetry. Or boys. So clearly, I can’t play the English Major card.

Kim and I are both crazy music buffs. We freak out over cool classical pieces and frequent compare our moods to the different movements of Holst’s Planets suite. We once spent an entire week obsessed with this video. (I don’t blame you if you don’t watch it all the way through. We just loved the old man and his (lack of) conducting)) So clearly I can’t play the music nut card.

Jeehee and I….well, she’s Asian. Which obviously means we don’t have anything in common. But I still love her guts. And the fact she got me M&Ms the other night. Score!

Tenery and I are both avid Psych fans. Every day this summer, we would come home from work, make chicken quesadillas and pop in an episode of Psych. (We may or may not also have put on a second episode to purposely fall asleep to and proceeded to take a two hour nap. This summer was the best) So clearly I can’t play the Psych fanatic card.

While I clearly can’t claim any of the above traits as something that is specifically mine, I realized while writing these descriptions that I do have something uniquely awesome–I honestly could not have asked for better roommates, and the amount of fun we have together is slightly ridiculous. So, yeah, we’re all basically the same person. But how lucky am I to live with my 5 best friends?