Things I’ve Learned From Watching Home Movies

My mom surprised me by driving up yesterday (more on that later) and she brought some old home movies on an external hard drive for me to download. Naturally, I spent much of my evening watching myself as a two year old. It was quite entertaining, and I learned a lot about my family and myself.
  • Apparently I was the spoiled child. But can you really blame me for that? I have some parents and grandparents that were all too willing to do it…
  • Being an only child is the way to go.
  • My development was stunted. My cousin who’s only 2 months older than me could sing the ABC’s. I could raise my hand and say “Me!” when my parents asked who the cutest girl in the whole world was. Behind the curve, much?
  • The way I dance hasn’t changed much in 18 years. Oh, baby, I knew how to boogie!
  • My mom looked great with that perm. Let’s start a petition to bring it back.
To be continued…