The Legend of the Coloring Book

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Rylee. Rylee was a sophomore in high school and was still trying to learn how to use a straightener properly. Even though her hair was comparable to a bush, she was still a happy little high-schooler–she always had her bosom friend Tenery Martineau to make her feel better (She had big hair issues, too).

Rylee and Tenery had met the previous year in Ms. Millhorn’s Freshman Honors English class, but their friendship had really blossomed this year in Mr. Steiner’s Sophomore Honors Math class. He was weird, they were weird, and Scott Halbert was weird, so, naturally, they all got along swimmingly. The three students may have even chalked their math teacher’s house one night, but that’s another story entirely–stop distracting me.

One year on Rylee’s birthday, Tenery gave her the greatest gift of all time–monstrously huge Disney princess coloring pages. We’re talking about the kind that folded out and covered the entire kitchen table. Rylee was thrilled because just that morning she had received a brand new box of crayons from her parents (So I’m easily entertained). She went home with Tenery that night and they colored away on those huge pages, simply enjoying each other’s company and talking about how weird Scott Halbert was.

Then a dark shadow fell across the land–Tenery moved. She told Rylee about moving right before their math final, which was a bad idea because all Rylee did was cover those stupid cosine equations or whatever the heck they were in her salty tears. But then Tenery and her dear mother brought Rylee some mango salsa for Christmas and all was forgiven (So I’m easily pleased.) But all the mango salsa in the world couldn’t change the fact that Rylee’s bosom friend was living in a foreign country. (Territory, you say? Nuance.) Rylee continued on, but she still missed her bosom friend.

On her birthday, though, Rylee received a package in the mail. It was in a big box addressed from Puerto Rico, and Rylee knew it could only be one thing–Disney Princess Coloring Pages.

Rylee and Tenery continued their friendship through the years. They spent their first year of college partying it up and meeting friends, their second year of college going to school together at unholy hours of the morning, and their third year of college watching Psych and taking naps after work. Christmas crept up on the two friends, and they exchanged presents. Rylee gave Tenery a pair of crazy socks (she has a sock fettish, ok?) and a pair of dangly earrings. Guess what Rylee got?

Disney Princess Coloring Pages.


Happiest Place on Earth

When you first apply to BYU, they conveniently forget to mention to you that you will not be able to enjoy a Spring Break. So while I was dealing with having to wake up an hour earlier than usual because of this dumb thing called Daylight Savings Time (yet another reason why Arizona is superior to every other state in the Union) and doing homework and taking tests and writing papers and going to work…sigh…apparently hald of the world went to Disneyland.

So now I want to go too.

We had loosely planned to go over MLK day this year, but that plan fell through when we all realized we didn’t actually have any money. Next year, it will be different. I will get to Disneyland within the next year if it’s the last thing I do!