Day 27-My Day Job Vs My Passion

My Day Job:

BYU International Admissions

  • I wear a skirt to work every day. While most people cringe at this thought, it has definitely been advantageous to me–if I had it my way I would probably wear a t-shirt and jeans to school every day. Thank goodness for a job that makes me look nice and get people to notice I care about the way I look!
  • I talk to people from all around the world. Sometimes it’s hard trying to interpret people’s accents, but there’s hardly anything that makes my day more than being able to be able to help someone in Spanish. Even if it’s only answering a simple question from a Canadian, I love the feeling I get when someone whole-heartedly thanks me for helping them.
  • I work with some great people. I’m the only one who works in the mornings, so it gets a little boring being all by myself, but when I get together with the rest of the student employees for staff meetings and such, I have such a good time goofing around with some of the coolest people I know. I love the international counselors, and the head of the department has such a magnetic and bubbly personality. One of my favorite people, though, is my supervisor. She recently lost her husband, but is the epitome of selflessness. She never ceases to amaze me by her total willingness to help others and her concern for her family. I love the people I work with.
  • Perk of the day: Business luncheon at Brick Oven Pizza. Yes, BYU paid for me to stuff my face with an all-you-can-eat pasta and salad bar, 3 different pizzas, and homemade rootbeer. I love my job!
My Passion:


I really want to teach high school English. But is it my passion? Part of me knows my passion will always be found at 3 pm in the Madsen Recital Hall, singing my guts out. But part of me also knows how much I love snuggling up with a great book and getting some good old fashioned catharsis. Stay tuned for my passion. I’m sure to figure something out someday.

Day 25-What You Would Find in My Bag

I would like to preface this blog post with a little anecdote that goes a little like this:

I had just gotten back from a trip to the temple (in other words, I look like a wet dog) and was getting started on this post when I heard a little knock knock on the door. I told the mysterious visitor to come in, and in walks a reasonably attractive young man I assume is from the ward. My first instinct was to run and cover my make-up-less face (apparently the blessings of the temple don’t extend to automatic attractiveness) until this mysterious young man walks right into my apartment and says–Who are you?
So I tell him in my chipperest tone–I’m Rylee. Who are you?
Classy, I know.
And then he says–Oh, I’m Dave. I’m here to exchange seasons of Psych.
For those of you who are unaware, I live in a Psych Ward. I have been hailed as the resident Psych expert and am bombarded with people who are dying to borrow my DVDs and partake of the abundance of Psych knowledge I possess. Seriously–I am in Heaven.
Anyway, I exchange the seasons for him, he gives me a Smartie as a token of their appreciation, and left. 
Note to self: next time I look cute (aka-Sunday at church) say hi to reasonably attractive young man. Plan.
Ok–on to the Main Event!
I don’t really carry a bag, but if you were to look in my backpack, you would find:
  • A couple of random papers that were graded ages ago
  • My planner-slash-wallet-slash LIFE
  • A fork
  • Old wrappers
  • My favorite BYU pen
  • Tickets to random tourist spots in Spain
  • An iClicker
  • Candy
  • A 2000 page collection of Shakespeare
  • My 4 subject notebook (for my five classes…I don’t get it either)

Day 24-Favorite Scripture

Moroni 7:48

Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love {Charity}, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons {and daughters} of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope that we may be purified even as he is pure.

I feel like this scripture embodies everything I want to be. I want to be charitable. I want to be like Christ. I want to be hopeful that one day I can be perfect. I think I sometimes we forget the potential we have for good and that we really can help others. That we can become more Christlike. That our Heavenly Father wants good things for us, and praying to Him for those things really does bring results.

Day 22-Something That Makes Me Different

I’ve been sitting here for a while now. I’ve watched the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s twice. I’ve Facebook stalked cute boys in the ward. I’ve even gotten a bowl of ice cream, all the while trying to decide what I could possibly say makes me different than everyone else. This actually becomes pretty difficult when you live in an apartment of carbon-copy girls.

Melinda and I are both in Women’s Chorus and share a love for all things Cary Grant. Or Audrey Hepburn. Or James Stewart. Or kind of Gone With the Wind. We actually just had a discussion about Rock Hudson, too, so clearly I can’t play the old-movie-buff card.

Brooke and I are both English Majors. We are the ones who sit on the couch late at night, either reading a book bigger than our heads or typing up forever-long papers. Every once and a while we take a break to talk about feminism or British Romantic poetry. Or boys. So clearly, I can’t play the English Major card.

Kim and I are both crazy music buffs. We freak out over cool classical pieces and frequent compare our moods to the different movements of Holst’s Planets suite. We once spent an entire week obsessed with this video. (I don’t blame you if you don’t watch it all the way through. We just loved the old man and his (lack of) conducting)) So clearly I can’t play the music nut card.

Jeehee and I….well, she’s Asian. Which obviously means we don’t have anything in common. But I still love her guts. And the fact she got me M&Ms the other night. Score!

Tenery and I are both avid Psych fans. Every day this summer, we would come home from work, make chicken quesadillas and pop in an episode of Psych. (We may or may not also have put on a second episode to purposely fall asleep to and proceeded to take a two hour nap. This summer was the best) So clearly I can’t play the Psych fanatic card.

While I clearly can’t claim any of the above traits as something that is specifically mine, I realized while writing these descriptions that I do have something uniquely awesome–I honestly could not have asked for better roommates, and the amount of fun we have together is slightly ridiculous. So, yeah, we’re all basically the same person. But how lucky am I to live with my 5 best friends?