Introducing: The 1UP Boys

Remember in the last post how I mentioned Our Boys and the great times we have? We decided to make it official tonight by taking family pictures. In our own little special way. Enjoy.


Prank Wars

We were in our apartment the other night, minding our own business, when our boys walk in.

(I know that it sounds weird–“Our Boys”–but they’re the apartment we hang out with the most and we’ve declared ourselves in an Apartment Open Relationship. Love them)

They knock once, walk in, stand in the middle of our living room, ask if we’re doing a movie night, and then leave.

What the?

We were very confused, to say the least, so we decided the only way to pay them back was to take what little amount of silly string we had left from freshman year and go attack. So we did. And then we left without saying a word. This prompted several messages via Facebook and texting declaring war. Bring it on.

The next day, I was at work (partly working, partly planning sweet ideas for revenge) when I got a call from an unknown number. I get these from time to time and just ignore them, so I thought nothing of it. But when I got about 6 more from numbers in Buffalo, New York, I figured something was up. They had all left messages about a car on Craig’s List. I was finally so confused, that I went to this famed Craigs List and looked up this car everyone was calling about, figuring there would be some way for me to contact the real seller and let them know they had the wrong number. When I found the listing, though, this is what I found:

In great condition. Just a few silly string stains in the back. For details, call Rylee.
Well played, boys. Well played.