A Scientific Field Guide to the Lyrid Meteor Shower

So, you want to experience the beauty of nature by observing the wonderful Lyrid meteor shower! Well, you’re in luck, because it’s happening right above your heads! Here are some tips for having an unforgettable night:

  • Travel up Provo Canyon to Vivian Park of President-Monson-almost-burning-down-the-forest fame
  • Bring blankets and sweatshirts, because it’ll be a little colder than it is in the valley.
  • Get to the park, step outside, and realize it’s so overcast you can’t even see the moon.
  • Lay your blankets out anyway.
  • Listen to someone recount a scary story from their mission about gypsy butchers.
  • Get upset when you realize he just made it up.
  • Listen to other not-so-scary stories.
  • Eat pretzels.
  • Pretend like you can see the skies above you while being serenaded on the guitar.
  • Attack the person who tells you that you can’t harmonize to save your life.
  • Apologize profusely when they end up with a bloody nose. (TOTALLY an accident!!!)
  • Watch as 4 roommates wrestle it out. (Clarification–4 BOY roommates. Although does this surprise anyone?)
  • Apologize again for the bloody nose. (Actually, just repeat this every minute or so until he gets sick of hearing it. But then keep doing it because you really are sorry.)
  • Wrap it up and go home. There’s nothing to see here.
No, really–there’s nothing to see. It’s still too cloudy. Go home. You have finals tomorrow.

(Oh, and Kyle–I am so sorry for the bloody nose!!)


Quick Update

Just because I’m sure you were all on the edge of your seats….

I got the Prince Charming job! You’re looking at the new English tutor for BYU’s high school independent study courses!

That is all.

Waiting for Prince Charming

Next week, I will have my official last day of work at BYU International Admissions. I’ve had that job since I was a wee freshman lass, trying to make her way through her first year of college. A lot has happened since then, especially in the office. Halfway through, a whole new staff came in, and I met some of my very best friends. While I’m going to miss my desk in the ASB so much I can’t even think about it without getting a little depressed, where one door closes, another one opens.

Or, another two. Or three. Or four.

I hesitate to describe any of these new opportunities in detail since technically none of them are for sure, but let me just tell you–change can definitely be a good thing. Sometimes it can even be too much of a good thing and cause you more problems than you had in the first place.

For example:

I interviewed on Monday with a cute restaurant on campus. It’s new, it’s fun, and they serve pazookies. (If you know me well enough, you know that a pazookie is enough for me to do just about anything. Include work at this place.) I thought the interview went well, and I was excited to hear back from them.

Then, this morning, I interviewed at another place on campus. I went in not knowing a lot about it, but I came out knowing I NEEDED this job. Like a fish needs water. Like a bird needs air. Like my mother needs frysauce. It involved high school students, teaching English, and basically being awesome. I thought that interview went well, too, but I won’t hear back til next week.

Which is a problem, because Cute Restaurant people called and offered me a job. I asked them for a day to think about it, but at that point, I wasn’t even sure what to think. So I did the only logical thing–I went home to take a nap.

(I’ve been sick, ok? Give me a break.)

As I was drifting off to sleep, though, I realized that I’ve been in a situation like this before. But with boys.

There’s this guy right in front of you. He’s cute, he’s fun, and hey–he’ll get the job done for now. I mean, it’s not a big deal, right? Life is all about having different experiences, and maybe this will be a fun fling before moving on to the next thing.

But what if the next thing is wonderful? What if it’s what you’ve been waiting for, but didn’t even realize was out there? What if the next guy you talk to is Prince Charming and fits everything on your list plus all the traits you didn’t even know you wanted? He’s the one that you can imagine actually having a future with. What do you do then?

So even though something fun and cute may be right in front of you, maybe it’s ok to wait for your dreams. Because dreams are worth it.

And so are pazookies.

Stream of Consciousness of a Student in the Library on a Saturday Night

Disclaimer: This is boring and monotonous and if you are my mom you should probably just stop reading now so you think I’m a productive citizen. But if you don’t mind complete senselessness, please–read on.

8:56–Descend the stairs to the second floor. No cell phone service. I am completely alone.

8:58–Walk through the stacks to find a decent cubicle. Glance at the titles on the shelf. Multi-variable calculus? I have reached the deepest, darkest part of the universe. There is no escaping now.
9:06–Sleep starting to sound good. I’ve been here for less than 10 minutes. How will I survive?
9:08–Internet non-functional. All hope is lost.
9:09–A sign of life. I hear something across the room. But it’s hidden behind the rows and rows of bookshelves. Friend or foe?
9:11–Internet non-functionality storm has passed. I can begin work again. 
9:16–Try non-work. Turns out the guy I’m in love with in Divine Comedy is married. Not point in living. Go on without me.
9:21–Someone is legitimately playing the Jaws theme song down here. I am not even kidding. This is not a joke. My life is about to come to an end. Tell my mom I love her.
9:22–I should have worn sweat-pants.
9:25–Oh my gosh, there it is again. And I think it’s getting louder. Seriously, I am toast. What possessed me to come to this evil place??
9:32–Wondering what it is about the internet and cats.
9:33–Oh great, now my stomach’s growling. Why weren’t you hungry 3 hours ago when I had time to feed you, body? WHY??
9:36–Do commas go outside the parentheses or inside? Thank goodness for Google…
9:37–Outside and after, it turns out. Interesting….
9:38–Ah, that does look better. As you were, Google.
9:41–Currently having deep thoughts about our country’s current education system.
9:42–Just kidding. Found more cats.
9:48–Does anyone else ever have trouble with Microsoft Word formatting? Can’t it just read my mind to do what I want??
9:49–Forget you, Word. I’m going to get a drink of water.
9:51–Most interesting book I found on my drinking fountain field trip: The Big Book of Fungi. Followed closely by The Geology of Kansas. 
9:52–Also, the only thing I could think about while getting water was that dumb Jaws theme song. I need to get out of here. I’m losing it. Big time.
10:00–How many revisions does a student need to go through on a 2-page personal narrative, for heaven’s sake? I don’t want to read them all!
10:09–Losing will to live.
10:12–The silence is doing nothing to convince me I’m not stuck in time and space. Someone should at least cough or something.
10:13–Just realized I need a model text for some examples. Be right back, little cubicle. I’m off the the Young Adult section!
10:25–What an adventure! I rode the elevator to the 4th floor, which was creepy. The elevator, not the floor. I passed through the music library and the Asian Collection the the big mural in the juvenile section. Which apparently does not carry Harry Potter. Boo. But I did find some good mentor texts. Yay! As I was walking back, I found some picture from El Alhambra and paused to reminisce. Good old-fashioned nostalgia will get you every time. Then I came back on the elevator. Which was less creepy than the other one. Phew…that was a lot of excitement. I might pass out now.
10:29–Pass out from hunger, that is. *whimper*
10:35–What do you mean 9th graders are too old for a refresher on coordinating conjunctions?? Please, Common Core State Standards…just work with me on this one.
10:43–Guess I’m going to have to settle for semi-colons, dang it. Who wants to learn about semi-colons, anyway?
10:45–That announcement about the materials desk closing gives me a heart attack every time. Can you say panic attack?
10:56–Welp, I think it’s about time to give up on this. To blow this popsicle stand. To put an egg in my shoe and beat it. But mostly to go home and eat a snack and go to bed. This unit plan is getting closer!
Wow…you really read that whole thing? Again, I apologize. That was…interesting.

Time Flies

I’m sitting here, 10 minutes to midnight, trying to wrap my head around the fact that tomorrow is Monday and I do, indeed, have class and work and homework to attend to.

Where did my weekend go?

I mean, I know where it went. It went to:

  • My family coming into town on Thursday night. (Yay!)
  • Family fun on Friday. (Yay!)
  • My last Women’s Chorus concert Friday night. (Yay!-slash-Boo!)
  • Watching The Hobbit Friday night (Neutral Face)
  • Not being able to sleep that night because it was like Christmas because the next day was dedicated to:
  • Singing in General Conference! (YAY! YAY! YAY!)
  • More family fun Saturday night, including:
  • Eating pizza benders from Italian Village. (Yum!)
  • A ward party involving brownie waffles
  • An early-morning birthday celebration for my dad (Yay Dad!)
  • Breakfast burritos and conference with my friends
  • Watching conference in the Conference Center with the Blue-Eye Club
  • Seeing Les Mis for the first time on DVD. (Tears. But happy-ish tears.)
See? I know exactly where my weekend went. I’m just wondering if I can request another one so I can actually catch up on life…oh well. Guess that’s what this week is for, eh?

All The Things I Carry

It’s getting to that time in the semester. The time when you can feel finals creeping closer. When your professors decide to have the major project of the semester due on the same day. And when you realize you don’t have nearly enough weekends to cram it all in. That’s when the weird dreams start.

Last night I was climbing up the HFAC stairs, but they were never-ending. They just kept going and going, and I wasn’t sure of my destiation, so how did I know when I needed to stop?

And then All The Things started coming.

All of a sudden I had my backpack. A minute later, I had my jacket it my hands. Then some books. Then some tambourines. (Yes, I currently have more than 1 tambourine. And you thought I couldn’t get any cooler.) Another backpack was added in there, as well as a brown paper sack and BYU Bookstore bag full of Swedish Fish.

All along the way, people kept trying to talk to me as I struggled to carry All The Things. Some people were just thanking me for doing such a great job and told me how wonderful I was (oh, stop it 😉 ), but others, the more perceptive ones, asked me what was wrong.

What’s Wrong? I would think as I struggled to adjust the second backpack so it would hang off one shoulder and hang in front of me. Can’t you see All The Things I’m carrying? 

But they would just stand there, trying to talk to me while I juggled All The Things. Eventually I would get so frustrated, I would leave. But I couldn’t leave because the stairs just kept going. And going. And going.

I wish I was joking, but this is actually what I dreamed last night. I think I have problems.