Writer’s Notebook

This semester, I’m taking a few English teaching classes. These are classes that teach us how to teach English, and I’m guiltily enjoying every minute of them. I say guiltily because the courses are titled scary things, like Teaching Composition in Secondary Schools or Teaching Grammar and Usage. What would send normal students running the other direction, though, I am learning to love. I even made a participle joke the other day at work. My co-workers judged me while I secretly giggled inside and was proud of myself. So what if I’m a little….different?

My favorite part about these two classes, though, is the writing. For each class, we have our own Writer’s Notebook. At the beginning of each period, we are given a prompt and asked to write for a few minutes on the topic. For an English nerd like me, this is a dream come true.

Wait, you mean you want me to sit here and write about my life? And you want me to get credit for it? Ok!

And I’ve realized how much I miss writing. Remember back when I first started this lovely blog in January of 2011 and I wrote twice a week because I found that combining words was exhilarating? And the world was a song? And the song was inviting? And then the tigers come at night and you have midterms in the morning? So your blog fills up with drafts that never see the light of day? (PS-I’m going to see Les Mis again for my birthday, and I am almost as excited as I was when I saw it on stage for my 18th birthday. Because that was the best day of my life.)

Where was I? Oh yeah, writing.

So apparently 2012 was the year of lame blog posts, and I didn’t write as much. Why, you may ask? I’m not sure. Maybe I wasn’t as inspired. Maybe I got bored. Maybe I caught amnesia like the flu and forgot how much I love writing. But my classes this semester have reminded me of my love affair with words and phrases. And best of all, they make me want to share them here. Hopefully I’ll post more of them up here as I find ones I especially like, and hopefully I’ll remember how much I love this whole writing thing. And ultimately, I hope I can inspire little minds to love writing as much as I do.