This morning, I received an email from my mother. Apparently Andie asked if I was coming home for Thanksgiving and after being reassured that I was said, “Oh, good. ‘Cuz I need her.”

After smiling to myself, I looked at my mom’s updated blog post about each of the girls and what we’re all up to–basically the online equivalent of a Christmas card. I was perusing the rest of her blog when I came upon this picture with the caption: We missed Rylee!

And then this one of just the girlies:

And right there at work, I started to tear up. 
Gosh, I love these people.
And how I’m anticipating reuniting with them in 4 days!!

Mahler and Mozart and MoTab, Oh My!

Warning: You are about to experience a whole new side of Rylee. You thought she was a nerd? You haven’t seen anything yet, people.

Warning #2: I’m not sure there is a single coherent thought going into this blog post. I apologize in advance.

For those of you who have missed the past 17 years of my life, I LOVE music. I started playing the violin at age 4, took piano lessons for a while, and am pretty sure I came out of the womb singing. I’ve been involved with choir and orchestra for as long as I can remember, and the one thing on my bucket list is to be a member of Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Someday, this will be me.

Confession: You know how sometimes when you’re listening to music through headphones and the producers make it so different sounds are emphasized in different ear buds. While in high school, I discovered that when you listen to MoTab, the men’s sound comes out of the right earbud and the women sing in the left, as if you are hearing them while sitting in the Tabernacle. I, being the nerd I am, like to switch the earbuds so that I can pretend I’m actually getting this view instead.
See? I told you I was a nerd.
The other day at work, one of the counselors came in and asked me how my Women’s Chorus concert went the previous night. I told him it went well, and we started talking about Mack Wilberg and MoTab, which launched into a discussion of violin concertos and Mahler symphonies and Beethoven and all that good stuff. He left after we were music nerds for a few minutes, thanking me for the conversation.

I don’t have anyone in my family I can talk with about this stuff. It’s nice to be able to find someone who appreciates music.

My thoughts immediately went to my parents. I thought about my dad who offered to let me borrow his Copland Appalachian Spring Suite CD as I drove across the country. I thought about how he’s the one I called after I saw the Utah Symphony play at BYU and was blown away by the emotions I felt. I thought of the way my mom drove me to countless violin and piano and voice lessons. I thought of how she was at every single concert I’ve ever been in. I thought about how both of them are the number one supports in my life and how grateful I am that they’ve both instilled this love of music and helped me to develop this passion that has become so important to me.

Remember how I told you this post would have no rhyme or reason to it? Well, there’s your proof. But it’s something I’ve been thinking about. So there you go.

Doing the Audrey Thing

This one time, I went to Europe.

(I like to start my stories this way because my roomie Kim rolls her eyes. She says I reference everything with this introduction. I could be telling a story about eating at Subway last week and I would start it with “This one time, about a year after I got back from Europe…” See? It’s fun.)

I digress.

So I went to Europe. While in Rome, everyone in our little tour group got to pick one thing they wanted to see. Obviously we went to the Colosseum and the Vatican and the Trevvi Fountain and ate at this fabulous little Italian restaurant…

I digress.

But what I really wanted to see was the Spanish Steps. Everyone knows that undercover princess Audrey Hepburn was eating ice cream in that very spot when the dashing young Gregory Peck came and picked her up and showed her the town before falling madly in love with her. And so, on our last night there, we ran across town so I could have my moment. When somebody started complaining about the trek, my Spanish roomie Audi would say, “Hey, we’re just going so Rylee can do her Audrey thing.”

Another time, I went to New York.

(This is my other roommate Jeehee’s favorite story because I went with the boy who she ended up marrying. Oh, good times.)

While I originally went to New York to get my Psych on, there was obviously a stop I had to make the next day as the wonderful sister of Max’s sister-in-law showed us the sights.

Yup. We took a stop at Tiffany’s. Sadly, it was before breakfast. But that’s ok, because then the moment would have been absolutely TOO perfect for me to handle. So I did my best Audrey thing with a cheesy smile on my face.

This week, it was Halloween.

I usually hate Halloween. I can never decide what to be and end up dressing up in some lame costume just so I can wear jeans to work. I had a burst of inspiration at the beginning of the month and couldn’t believe I hadn’t ever though of this genius plan before.

I would do the Audrey thing.

Oh, you know. Just doing the Audrey thing.