Home Away from Home

Here at BYU, people will often introduce themselves with their major and say, “Yeah, I live in such-and-such a building.” This does not mean they actually sleep in this building (although they may) or eat in this building (although they may) or have parties in this building (although this is entirely possible as well). It simply means they spend a big chunk of their time there. Chemistry majors, for example, usually claim the Benson building as their “home.”

Music majors like to say they “live” in the HFAC.
As an English major, I have several homes.

And I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work at this wonderful building for almost my whole BYU career:
Smoot Administration Building
(Or the X-Wing, according to a friend. As in one of these.)
I’ve never really been able to consider any of these places my “home,” though. I figured I was just doomed to be one of those campus homeless people who doesn’t really belong anywhere. Just yesterday, though, when I went for Women’s Chorus call-backs, I walked into this place.
And I was home.
I know I write about Women’s Chorus all the time on this bloggy blog of mine, but after feeling that sense of belonging the minute after walking in the Madsen Recital Hall, I once again realized how my participation in Women’s Chorus has been the best part of my BYU career.
That’s right. The Best.
I love feeling like I have a “home” with 180 other girls, with a fanastically amazing director, and the Spirit as we sing all kinds of songs. My upcoming semesters is going to be the craziest one yet, but the part I look forward to most is having the opportunity to use Women’s Chorus as my daily sane-pill–taking a break to do the thing I love most.
Here’s to my fourth and final year in Women’s Chorus 🙂


Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?

Apparently school starts next week. I don’t know who authorized this, or who decided summer was allowed to end, but I’m willing to negotiate…a tub of ice cream for just one week more of break?

The other night, I was stuck on a driveway talking with some friends and reminiscing about how great the summer had been. As we stood in the middle of a perfectly warm summer evening, I realized how grateful I was for the summer I had.

Let’s review, shall we?

  • Home for Haley’s graduation
  • Def Leppard concert
  • Trip to Temple Square & City Creek Mall
  • Camping out for the 4th of July parade
  • Stadium of Fire
  • Utah Symphony concert at Thanksgiving Point
  • Social dance trip
  • Wedding of my lovable Asian roommate
  • Wedding of my dearest Bosom Friend
  • Late night movies, mini-golfing excursions, and games galore.
What did you do in the summertime?


This makes me happy.

Only thing better than an Arizona sunset? An Arizona sunset with a nearly-completed Gilbert temple in the foreground.