Shining Eyes

Today was another one of those days.

(I realize I start a lot of my posts like this. And every time I’m describing something different. Apparently I have lots of days.)

I came home from school beaming. I just had the best discussion in a great class and I was still giggin’ out about the ground we had covered.

(I do have lots of those days.)

Class: Film and Literature.
Subject: Jane Eyre.
Context: Marriage and Christianity.
Outcome: Mind Blown.

I won’t bore you with the details of our conversation, but it was one that not only helped me understand and appreciate Jane Eyre in a new light, but made a deep, personal impression on me and helped me re-examine how I view society around me. When Rachel came home and asked me how my day was, all I could do was fall to my knees with my hands open to the heavens and declare: Great! I love being an English Major! as I shook my little outstretched arms with gratitude.

(You think I’m joking. This actually happened.)

She laughed and indulged me as I spouted off all this new-found knowledge and repeated every other phrase: It was so great! It blew me away! I love my life! or other variations of a similar theme. After I finished my literary rant, she laughed and said: That’s so great! I know when you love something because your get Shining Eyes.

So, yes, Jane Eyre gives me Shining Eyes.

Enriching discussion with smart people gives me Shining Eyes.

Having an English major Love Burst gives me Shining Eyes.

And the opportunity to study at such an amazing university gives me the Shiniest Eyes of all.

Sigh…how lucky am I??