Peace & Quiet

I woke up without an alarm this morning. I know many people consider this to be some sort of relaxing way to begin the day, but this was totally unintentional–I simply forgot to turn on my alarm. My heart almost stopped as I checked the time, but I realized that I had plenty of time to get ready for work. I poured myself a bowl of cereal and sat on the couch for a few moments of Facebook checking. When I sat down, though, I realized the window was open, and I could hear little birds chirping outside, welcoming me to another morning. It was quiet the beautiful moment.

Half an hour later, I was making the familiar walk up to campus, missing my old walking buddy, but excited for the change a new semester brings. While I love walking and talking, I had the chance to listen to the trickle of the stream that follows the slow slopes of the hill, to see the beautiful colors of the blooming flowers, and witness the sun peek over the mountain top, the Y barely visible with the bright light behind it. When I have moments like this that seem inexpressible, I think of how simply the Creator described them as soon as he finished His work–They are Good.
Just a few minutes ago, I was reading a new book on the couch as my new roommate Rachel studied her scriptures. The silence between us was so comfortable, something that only comes from knowing someone so well you don’t need to exchange words to feel close to each other. We read away, letting the silence be filled only with the sound of the running dishwasher (which, for some odd reason, is one of the most comforting sounds in the world). It was another quiet and peaceful moment, the type of Good moments I have come to treasure.
It’s moments like these that I can’t help but be grateful. I’m grateful for the Spirit I feel in this quiet moments and for the beautiful world Heavenly Father has blessed us with. Life is Good.

Moms are Great.

I was talking with my mom on the phone the other day and she started giving me a guilt trip for not updating my blog recently. (among other things. Gosh, I love those talks with that blessed woman) I told her I did feel bad, mostly because I can imagine Sister Mousser sitting by the computer, anxiously waiting for an immediate update on that orange and purple screen. Just kidding–but really, I love that woman and her unwavering loyalty to my ridiculous ramblings.

Now on to said ridiculous ramblings: I realized I never posted about an exciting events that occurred a few weeks ago. I was hanging out one Saturday evening after a not-so-great-week when my mother called.

“Hello?” (Said in a nasal-y tone she absolutely loves)

“Hi! What are you doing?” Says Mom.

“Oh, you know, just straightening my hair.” Says Me.

“Fun. Well, I was in the neighborhood and was wondering if you wanted to go grocery shopping.” She says.

“…What?” I stammer

She repeats: “I was in the neighborhood and was wondering if you wanted to go grocery shopping.”

“…What?” I repeat stupidly. So I’m slow on the uptake.

“Will you just come outside? I’m waiting outside your door.”

So I ran to the door to find my dear mother in all of her I-Just-Drove-For-Ten-Straight-Hours glory and clasped her to my bosom. We then hopped in the car and hit up Provo. Well…we went to Macey’s and Burgers Supreme. It doesn’t take much to make us Carling girls happy. She came to church with me the next day and made my crazy friends dinner. The next few days, I was spoiled silly with new clothes and a new hair cut and the company of the person I admire most in this world –she carried me for nine months, you know.

As I hopped into the car that first night and gave her one more hug, I asked her what the heck she was doing in Provo. She explained to me that she had been in the temple the day before and just felt like she needed to come give me some TLC. It was at this point Baby Rylee came out and started tearing up. I had been having a lousy week and was feeling a little lonely and lost. I was so incredibly grateful that I had a mother who was willing to sacrifice a few days with my family to (and I quote) “make sure I felt appreciated as a member of the Carling family”. Not only did she once again demonstrate her position as Best Mom of All Time, she taught me that listening to the Spirit is vital to helping others. She could have been doing so many other things those days–working, keeping house, working on her crazy calling–but she knew that “a problem to be solved is never as important as a person to be loved.” And she taught me that through example.

How gosh-darn lucky am I??