Sunny Days

This blog post brought to you by Sesame Street. And also the letter Q.
I’ve realized this video might seem random, but I was going along with the sunny day theme. Humor me this once.

I walked into class today, regretful to be leaving the fresh, spring air for a stuffy old classroom. And for Brit Lit 1, no less–the only reason I don’t love being an English major. Except for Shakespeare, of course–he can stay. We first discussed class business (midterms, appointments, and hipsters) and then dove into our discussion of Paradise Lost. I wish you could experience just one class period with my professor–he wears sweater vests and bowties and red and white striped socks. He’s kind of balding-ish, and speaks in this guttural growl. In this deep rumble, he announces that he loves Paradise Lost too much to just sit inside and stare at him glassy-eyed while he lectures on the finer points of what he considers to be the greatest poem written in the English language, so we are going to go outside and read Milton’s landmark work and we are going to like it. You didn’t have to tell us twice. We grabbed our stuffs and ran into the bright sunshine, where we read about Satan all hour long, with students walking by looking alarmed as my professor growled at us in his excitement. I guess he really likes Milton or something. I liked the sunshine 🙂

Also, I found this randomly today. I don’t get it, but that doesn’t change the fact I need to be best friends with this person.


Things I’ve Learned From Watching Home Movies

My mom surprised me by driving up yesterday (more on that later) and she brought some old home movies on an external hard drive for me to download. Naturally, I spent much of my evening watching myself as a two year old. It was quite entertaining, and I learned a lot about my family and myself.
  • Apparently I was the spoiled child. But can you really blame me for that? I have some parents and grandparents that were all too willing to do it…
  • Being an only child is the way to go.
  • My development was stunted. My cousin who’s only 2 months older than me could sing the ABC’s. I could raise my hand and say “Me!” when my parents asked who the cutest girl in the whole world was. Behind the curve, much?
  • The way I dance hasn’t changed much in 18 years. Oh, baby, I knew how to boogie!
  • My mom looked great with that perm. Let’s start a petition to bring it back.
To be continued…

I Love Life

Melinda stole $3 from me earlier in the week, so I had her pick me up some cereal from the grocery store when she went later that night. As the blessed child she is, she bought me Life. Boy, I sure do love that stuff!

On the Road Again

I don’t know if it’s just because summer is coming up and I’m reminiscing about my past summer trips, but I am dying to go somewhere awesome. Let’s face it: I’ve been super spoiled these last two summers.

So you can see why I have the travel bug. And also why I still have dreams about my amazing adventures and wish I could go somewhere equally awesome this summer. However, it’s looking like my summer is going to be full of work, trying to save money to pay off these fantastic trips. So I’ve started making a summer itinerary in my mind. This is what it looks like:
Stop 1: California
A quick stop at Disneyland (obviously) and some time at the beach.
I’d have to go to Santa Barbara. I mean, how could I not when the office of my two favorite people is right on the beach?
Can’t you just hear the Psych transition music now?
With a drive up to San Francisco just for fun.
Stop 2: Canada
I’m not going to lie–I mostly want to visit Canada to see if I can get a glimpse of these people.
I mean, not that Canada’s not cool in its own rite…I just really want to go to Vancouver and see them, ya know what I mean?
Stop 3: East Coast
Remember how we were talking about me being spoiled? Visiting big cities in the last year (with a special mention of the Spontaneous New York Extravaganza of 2011) has made me want to experience city life on the East Coast.
Just channeling my inner Audrey
So I am going to make some stops in
Washington DC

with another trip to New York, but with less whirlwind speed than last time.

Stop 4: Mexico City

Tenery’s parents are moving to Mexico City next for their assignment with the Church. Why not take a stop to visit them in the most populated city in North America?
Stop 5: Argentina. 
My dad served his mission in Buenos Aires, and I have always wanted to go there. My spontaneous summer trip seems like a perfect opportunity to visit the southern hemisphere and practicar mi español.
Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil - Amazing scenery
Stop 6: UK
I had to decide between the Spain study abroad and the English Literature option last summer. While I don’t have any regrets about choosing Spain, why not take a hop across the pond as well?
Yes–this is Hogwarts.

Yes–this is Jane Austen’s house

Yes–this is Tintern Abbey

Yes–this is the other Abbey. *self-indulgent giggle*

Ireland counts as part of the UK, right? Besides, this is my travel fantasy, so I can do whatevertheheck I want!

Stop 7: Germany
While my little group was off galavanting across Italy and Paris, there were some other students from our study abroad that went to Germany. Sure, I was in Paris having a picnic on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower, but their pictures made me totally jealous.
Whoa…how did this one get in here??
I feel like this trip should also include a stop in the Austrian mountains, if you know what I mean.
Yes, that would be me.
Although there are several more places I’m dying to see, it would be about this point in time I would be ready for my final and favorite stop:
Being home with these crazies. Luckily, in the midst of all my dream vacations, this is the stop I will be able to make. It should be a great summer 🙂