Every time I find myself still awake at 2 am, desperately trying to re-read the last line I’ve written with my bleary eyes, I swear to myself that I will never procrastinate again.

I always start out with good intentions. I get my research materials early (I even go to the library and get actual books sometimes). I open a word document. I list my name and the date at the top and title the page with something ridiculous like “Insert Mind-Blowingly Fantastic Title Here.” But then I realize that I need to snack on some Ritz crackers. And off I go merrily to the kitchen.

Fast forward 2 weeks. Cue return of girl in living room at 2 am with a document full of hasty words and tired eyes of regret, once again asking herself, “Why the heck did I procrastinate again?? I will never do this ever again!”

Someday, I’m going to figure out how to start working hard on projects weeks before they’re due. Someday I will stop checking Facebook every 5 seconds. Someday I will stop going to YouTube to watch Divine Comedy and find new awesome songs like this one. Someday, I will stop procrastinating.

I’ll start tomorrow.


Poem Biography

Remember that one time I posted about the blog that I love? The one about BYU dating by Jane Austen fanatics? They had a contest the other week to win a date with their male writer, and I decided it would be fun to enter. As I was filling out the 20 part questionnaire, though, I realized that simply responding to the questions wasn’t any fun at all. And so instead, I sent to blog writers the following poem, answering each of the required questions while still being the obnoxious little writer that I am.

Once upon a time, I read a blog post
By a gentleman who understood women better than most.
“Treat them with respect–treat them well” said he,
“Oh the wisdom” I thought “Of that Featherstone McGee”
And so, since that time, I’ve thought it’d be great
To go with this charming young man on a date.
And so, Mr. McGee, without further ado
I’d love to introduce myself to you.
I am a tad short–no more than 5’3
Brown hair and blue eyes that need glasses to see.
I have a small dog who I love to pieces
I don’t love peanut butter, but won’t refuse Reeses.
I have a slight obsession with the TV show Psych
And can quote you a line from any episode you like.
(It’s a good time to mention, since I’m obsessed with this show,
I’m stellar at solving mysteries–I’m practically pro!)
I’m Rylee, and I’m a Mormon! A scripture I think is great
comes from the book of Moroni, chapter 7 verse 48
It gives me hope that if I have charity and am nice
I can come closer to God and be more like Jesus Christ.
My adventure this summer was a semester in Spain
Where I learned that the rain really stays on the plain.
I laugh at lame jokes, I laugh when I’m tickled,
but it’s charming, witty comments that bring fits of giggles.
I like all music, but most recently
I’ve been hooked on Buble’s new Christmas CD.
(I know it’s a bit early to start Christmas celebrations
Before Thanksgiving, but Michael’s just too great a temptation)
Baked goods are my favorite: brownies, cookies, and cakes
Sometimes just cookie dough will do–no need to bake!
I love Harry Potter (don’t make me choose which one)
Summer’s my favorite–I spend all day basking in the sun.
I love the warm and lazy summer days
The bring afternoons of swimming and nights to star-gaze.
A soundtrack of my life would sound like a movie by Disney
I’d be the star–and people wouldn’t think me crazy
When breaking into song while walking down the street.
They’d think it was awesome! They’d think it was sweet!
I despise scary movies with blood, guts, and gore,
I love walking around big cities, window shopping from store to store.
My three wishes, in no particular order, would be:
World travel, talent, free time. Favorite word: indubitably. 
If my idol and I had lunch, just Audrey Hepburn and I,
She would probably just order water–I’d get two orders of fries.
My perfect date in 15 words or less:
Dinner, dessert, dancing in a polka-dot dress.
It’s hard to distinguish myself from the rest,
Especially when at BYU, where you find the best of the best.
But what makes me different, what sets me apart
Is the fact Cary Grant has stolen my heart.
I’m training for a 10k at the beginning of the new year.
I’ve never run before, but I’m conquering my fear!
I’d take water over soda any day, any time.
And with these trivial random facts, I now end my rhyme.
It’s cheesy and silly and lacks any sense of style
But if nothing else, I hope my little ditty made you smile. 🙂

The results came out a little bit later, and I, sadly, didn’t win. However, I did have the time of my life with this little poem, so I feel like it was all worth it in the end. And I ended up getting a date later that weekend, anyway, so take that Featherstone McGee! 

Day 27-My Day Job Vs My Passion

My Day Job:

BYU International Admissions

  • I wear a skirt to work every day. While most people cringe at this thought, it has definitely been advantageous to me–if I had it my way I would probably wear a t-shirt and jeans to school every day. Thank goodness for a job that makes me look nice and get people to notice I care about the way I look!
  • I talk to people from all around the world. Sometimes it’s hard trying to interpret people’s accents, but there’s hardly anything that makes my day more than being able to be able to help someone in Spanish. Even if it’s only answering a simple question from a Canadian, I love the feeling I get when someone whole-heartedly thanks me for helping them.
  • I work with some great people. I’m the only one who works in the mornings, so it gets a little boring being all by myself, but when I get together with the rest of the student employees for staff meetings and such, I have such a good time goofing around with some of the coolest people I know. I love the international counselors, and the head of the department has such a magnetic and bubbly personality. One of my favorite people, though, is my supervisor. She recently lost her husband, but is the epitome of selflessness. She never ceases to amaze me by her total willingness to help others and her concern for her family. I love the people I work with.
  • Perk of the day: Business luncheon at Brick Oven Pizza. Yes, BYU paid for me to stuff my face with an all-you-can-eat pasta and salad bar, 3 different pizzas, and homemade rootbeer. I love my job!
My Passion:


I really want to teach high school English. But is it my passion? Part of me knows my passion will always be found at 3 pm in the Madsen Recital Hall, singing my guts out. But part of me also knows how much I love snuggling up with a great book and getting some good old fashioned catharsis. Stay tuned for my passion. I’m sure to figure something out someday.

Prank Wars

We were in our apartment the other night, minding our own business, when our boys walk in.

(I know that it sounds weird–“Our Boys”–but they’re the apartment we hang out with the most and we’ve declared ourselves in an Apartment Open Relationship. Love them)

They knock once, walk in, stand in the middle of our living room, ask if we’re doing a movie night, and then leave.

What the?

We were very confused, to say the least, so we decided the only way to pay them back was to take what little amount of silly string we had left from freshman year and go attack. So we did. And then we left without saying a word. This prompted several messages via Facebook and texting declaring war. Bring it on.

The next day, I was at work (partly working, partly planning sweet ideas for revenge) when I got a call from an unknown number. I get these from time to time and just ignore them, so I thought nothing of it. But when I got about 6 more from numbers in Buffalo, New York, I figured something was up. They had all left messages about a car on Craig’s List. I was finally so confused, that I went to this famed Craigs List and looked up this car everyone was calling about, figuring there would be some way for me to contact the real seller and let them know they had the wrong number. When I found the listing, though, this is what I found:

In great condition. Just a few silly string stains in the back. For details, call Rylee.
Well played, boys. Well played.

Day 25-What You Would Find in My Bag

I would like to preface this blog post with a little anecdote that goes a little like this:

I had just gotten back from a trip to the temple (in other words, I look like a wet dog) and was getting started on this post when I heard a little knock knock on the door. I told the mysterious visitor to come in, and in walks a reasonably attractive young man I assume is from the ward. My first instinct was to run and cover my make-up-less face (apparently the blessings of the temple don’t extend to automatic attractiveness) until this mysterious young man walks right into my apartment and says–Who are you?
So I tell him in my chipperest tone–I’m Rylee. Who are you?
Classy, I know.
And then he says–Oh, I’m Dave. I’m here to exchange seasons of Psych.
For those of you who are unaware, I live in a Psych Ward. I have been hailed as the resident Psych expert and am bombarded with people who are dying to borrow my DVDs and partake of the abundance of Psych knowledge I possess. Seriously–I am in Heaven.
Anyway, I exchange the seasons for him, he gives me a Smartie as a token of their appreciation, and left. 
Note to self: next time I look cute (aka-Sunday at church) say hi to reasonably attractive young man. Plan.
Ok–on to the Main Event!
I don’t really carry a bag, but if you were to look in my backpack, you would find:
  • A couple of random papers that were graded ages ago
  • My planner-slash-wallet-slash LIFE
  • A fork
  • Old wrappers
  • My favorite BYU pen
  • Tickets to random tourist spots in Spain
  • An iClicker
  • Candy
  • A 2000 page collection of Shakespeare
  • My 4 subject notebook (for my five classes…I don’t get it either)