Day 20-A Letter(s) to Someone(s)

Dear Boy-Who-Keeps-Stealing-My-Cubicle-in-the-Library,

I’ve kept quiet for this long, but enough is enough. I have gone to the library quite frequently the last couple of weeks, and every time I go, my precious spot overlooking the HBLL quad is taken. Don’t you realize I choose that spot not only for the great view, but also for its close proximity to an outlet? Of course you do…why else would you steal such a prime location? Just know–I’m on to you.

Love, The Frustrated, Window-less English Major

Dear Piano in the JSB,

I miss you. It has been entirely too long since we last jammed, and I’m thinking about having a quick rendezvous tonight after my study session–see you there?

Love, Twitchy Fingers

Dear Sidewalk,

You know how you and my bare feet have had so much fun bonding lately? I’m kind of dreading the upcoming chill that is sure to come with this Utah weather. Maybe you can do me a favor and stay nice and warm for just a little bit longer?

Love, The Girl Who Lost Her Shoes

Dear School,

I liked you at the beginning of the semester, but I’m not so sure about our relationship anymore. Maybe we could take a little break and re-evaluate later? I just feel like you are too needy and taking up way too much of my time. No–don’t blame yourself. It’s not you, it’s me. But don’t worry, we can still be friends.

Love, A Little Frazzled


Day 19-Write About a Sweet Memory

In an effort to come up with some memory I could write about, I found a picture of my sisters and me from last summer. My dad had insisted we take some sort of family outing one Saturday morning and, much to my dismay, decided we had to leave at 6 in the morning to do so. I may or may not have been extremely grumpy to wake up so early, and for a minute it looked as though this was going to be one of those family outings that you kind of wished had never happened.
However, after about 2 hours of driving up to the northern forests under a cloudy sky, I was beginning to feel a little better. (I think it’s only in Arizona that cloudy skies make anybody feel better) We unloaded in a dirt field and made the 10 minute trek down to this beautiful creek. Sure, it was cold. Sure, it was raining. But I got to spend a couple of hours running around and making a mess with my favorite people in the entire world.

I was so grateful for my dad that day. Not only did he take the time to plan this fun little trip, he dragged a bunch of hormonal girls out of bed to do something he knew we would end up loving. Apparently parents do know best.

You Know You’re an English Nerd When…

I realize I haven’t actually done the post yet where I talk about how much I love being an English major because all I have to do is lay around and read books all the time, but that is going to have to be saved for another day. Today is the day I let you all know what an English nerd I really am.

You know you’re an English nerd when:

  • You learn about new research techniques at the library and get really excited
  • You carry around a 2000 page collection of every word Shakespeare ever wrote and cringe when someone suggests I just throw it to the ground
  • The best part of your day is winning the high esteem of your peers over something witty you wrote
  • This is one of your favorite pictures from your Europe trip
  • Your favorite part of Humanities 201 was the field trip to see the ancient books they have stored in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections
  • Thoughts about British Imperialism come up in random conversation
  • You win a shirt from the BYU Writing Center that you think is hilarious, but you have to explain to everyone who asks
  • You manage to make a connection between early English canonical literature and Psych (So, this may actually be a testament to my devotion to Psych. Either way, I was pretty proud of myself)

Day 18-Something I’ve Been Craving

I was at work today, minding my own little business and typing away at the computer when it hit me.

A craving.
A huge craving.
A monstrously huge craving.
For something I didn’t even used to know existed.
But once I had it, I knew there was no going back.
My life had been changed.

This is a kebab. They are a Turkish sandwich of Turkish love from Turkey. They are all the rage in Europe, and it was my first week in Spain when I was introduced to this delightful blend of delicious meat, sloppy sauce, and perfect little tomato slice wrapped up in some pita-bread type thing. These are sloppier than sloppy joes, but I have never been happier to use up an entire case of wax-paper napkins in order to enjoy myself.

This is what I was craving today. Can you blame me?

100th Post

Today is a big day, Pineapple Pals. Today is the day I put up post #100. I feel like there should be something significant discussed on this momentous occasion, and yet I draw a blank. I have no clever witticisms. I have no interesting stories. I don’t even have a good post for Day 18 on my 30 Days of Blogging (I’ll still do it, though–calm down!)

I know I’ve mentioned previously my original hesitancy to start a blog and the love affair that has ensued since that fateful January afternoon I felt an overwhelming desire to express my concerns about my goldfish (Buffo died about a week after I wrote about his tragic malady, by the way), but I really feel the need to state again how much I love my little pineapple blog. It’s my outlet to the world, whether my dearest Jimmer just let me down for the first and last time or I have a LoveBurst for a complete stranger, typing it out on my little keyboard and hearing the clickety-clack of the keys as I type makes me a happy girl.

And so happy 100th post anniversary to me and my pineapple blog. Please feel free, my fellow Pineapple Enthusiasts, to continue to read. Because I sure as heck will continue to write 🙂