Day 5-A Place I’ve Been

Oh, so you thought that 30 Days of Blogging actually meant 30 consecutive days? Oops…sorry!
I’ve decided to take this opportunity to FINALLY post about Italy and Paris. I’m sorry it’s taken so long–it’s a daunting task to put up so many pictures and try to explain so much, but here it goes:
Days 1-3: Rome

Look at me! I’m a Roman soldier!

I love The School of Athens. This is a picture I took in real life!

A cool fountain in a cool Roman plaza.
Legit Italian dinner at the aformentioned cool plaza. Also, my first experience with Gnocci. Yum!

Trevi fountain, anyone?
This is my Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday picture. Which explains the black and white nature of this picture.

Audi and me being rockstar gladiators

Outside the Colosseum
Day 4: Florence
Side note: I don’t know why I don’t have any pictures of the gelato in Florence, but it was AMAZING. I may have had a second scoop immediately after finishing the first.
This is Dante’s house. I’m an English major–I had to take this picture!
Overlooking Florence

Outside the Duomo–no biggie.
Day 5 & 6-Cinque Terre
Random stop in Pisa–to see the leaning tower of course

Just hanging out on the beach on the Italian Riveria. NBD.

View from our hotel room. Feel free to hate me.
We like to hang out on the rocks and watch the sunset. I look gross, but the background’s pretty cool.
Day 7 & 8-Venice
Disclaimer: At this point in the trip, you can tell that I’ve been living out of a backpack for a week. Please, refrain from judgement.

I found 3103 in Venice!
Days 8-11: Paris

Oh, hey Louvre 🙂

Just hanging out in a park
Notre Dame. No hunchback sightings…this time…
Another English major picture. Why yes, I do love Victor Hugo. Les Miserables may or may not be one of my favorite books of all time.
So yeah…I basically had the time of my life traipsing through Europe. 🙂

Day 4-A Habit I Wish I Did Not Have

When I got myself into this whole 30 days of blogging thing, I didn’t realize that I would actually have to confess my faults to the entire blogging world. Rude. I guess I could write about how I use the word “like” too much or wish I didn’t check Facebook about 10,000 more times than I need to, but these are problems that plague almost every other person in my generation. 30 Days of Blogging is about me expressing my innermost thoughts and feelings, really letting my readers get a glimpse into the life of Rylee Carling. And so it seems appropriate that it is here on my blog that I confess the habit I don’t think I’ll ever break.

I have no restraint when it comes to cookie dough.
Just ask my dad. In all the years we’ve spent making his famous cookies, he’s given me a small ration of cookie dough on a spoon and sent me away, carefully guarding the silver bowl to ensure I didn’t sneak any more of the contraband. Sometimes, though, I found a way to get another nibble. If he tried to refrigerate the cookie dough for another batch later in the week, he would literally have to hide it. If I ever found that sweet doughy goodness in the back of the fridge, goodbye to baked cookies, hello to that I-just-ate-a-truck-load-of-cookie-dough-and-now-have-that-raw-egg-sick-feeling for Rylee. Now that I’m living on my own, the problem has gotten worse. It probably doesn’t help that sometimes my roommates and I make cookie dough with absolutely no intention of actually putting it in the oven–we just each grab a spoon and go at it.
(Remember all those times I ask you to not tell my mom little details I bring up here? She would probably DIE if she knew about this, so let’s keep it on the DL, shall we?)
And so, dear void, there you go. Apparently admitting a weakness is the first step to recovery, so now the whole cyberworld knows–I’m Rylee Carling, and I’m a cookie-dough-aholic. And I hope to goodness I never recover 🙂

Day 3-Baby Pictures

I asked my mom to send some pictures of me as a baby for today’s post. She said there were too many cute ones to choose from, so she sent a couple.

Unfortunately for you, I couldn’t choose, either. So here they all are.

Oh, snap! I was cute!
PS-Yes, that monstrously huge bow is on my head so you can’t see the monstrously huge bump on my head that came as a result of my parents dropping me. Just kidding–but really. I looked like I had a mountain on my head.

Day 2-The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but happen to enjoy this show called Psych. I may or may not be obsessive (it’s not like I’m writing this blog post while watching disc one of my new season 5 DVDs or anything…)
Any Psych aficionado will know that there is a hidden pineapple in every episode. In the finale of season 1, however, it is not so hidden. Shawn offers to split a pineapple with (**spoiler**) the murderer, and thus a favorite Psych quote was born.
Pineapples represent random fun. Pineapples represent spontaneity. Pineapples represent happiness. And so my blog name is simply an invitation to partake in the happiness and spontaneity and random fun of life.
Wanna split a pineapple?

30 Days of Blogging

Since I moved back into my apartment in Provo, I’ve noticed how unmotivated I’ve been to write blog posts. I feel like nothing interesting ever happens to me, and I can’t even find trivial events to make sound more exciting. And so, in an effort to continue blogging through the remainder of my boring-ish summer, I have decided to start doing 30 Days of Blogging.

Day 1
recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
  1. I have no middle name
  2. I love Cinnamon Life Cereal
  3. I have more songs by MoTab on my iPod than any other artist
  4. I just got called to be an FHE mom for the last few weeks of summer
  5. I once watched all 6 Star Wars movies in one day
  6. I love Mexican food
  7. I am currently making lemon poppy-seed muffins
  8. I don’t like drinking milk
  9. My favorite Christmas present was my electric hand mixer
  10. I refer to my 17-year-old sister for fashion advice, so if you ever compliment me on my outfit, you’re actually complimenting her
  11. It’s my secret dream to be in the all-girl acapella group on campus
  12. I love to read, but sometimes have a hard time finishing a book before starting another one
  13. I may or may not have ordered Psych season 5 on DVD because I couldn’t wait until Christmas. Don’t tell my mom.
  14. I wear my contacts longer than I’m supposed to. Don’t tell my optometrist.
  15. My room is Audrey Hepburn themed–lots of black and white with random splatters of pink and Tiffany blue

Tuesdays at 11:05

I go to this wonderful school called BYU. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. I met a couple of fellow Americans in Europe who only knew it because that’s where Jimmer played
(Haha–you thought you were going to get away without a Jimmer picture!)
or that one school that kicked that one basketball player off the team because he broke that one rule, and because it’s a Mormon school. Those who know a little bit more about BYU know that religion classes are taught right on campus, prayers are offered before classes begin, devotionals are offered weekly to all students on campus, and a well-timed scriptural reference will get a good laugh.
I don’t always go to devotional. I went when the prophet came (I was in the choir) and a couple of other times (when I was in the choir) but I often just slacked on this weekly BYU tradition. I always felt overloaded by the mounds of studying I had to do, and the times that I did go of my own free will, I ended up being extremely tired and having a hard time focusing on what anyone was saying anyway.
This summer, however, I’m not taking any classes, and thus–no homework. I don’t have any homework and thus–more sleep. I get more sleep, and thus–I’m not as exhausted as I am during a regular semester. And so I’ve decided to attend the devotionals.
I love them.
I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gone with a better attention span, whether not having homework allows me to concentrate on something other than my stress levels, or if I’m just plain happier without a ton to do, but I have been LOVING devotionals. The Spirit has been so strong, and I truly feel as though each speaker has said something especially for me. And it’s times like that I am so appreciative of the amazing school I go to and the opportunity I have to combine my crazy English major and Spanish minor studies with learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ.
How blessed am I?

All was Well.

Like about half of the world, I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II last night at midnight. And, at the risk of sounding like the cheesiest person alive, I decided to blog about it.
It was fantastic. I loved it. I may have cried. More than once. And I may have shed a tear or two at the very end when I realized it was, indeed, the end. I spent the last 12 years of my life looking forward to the next thing Harry Potter–the 4th book to arrive from Amazon, waking up to a surprise midnight showing of the first movie, waiting in crazy, wizard-filled lines to receive my copy of the newest book…basically I feel like I’ll never have an excuse to stay up until past midnight ever again (disregarding procrastinated papers coming this fall term).
I’ve realized that this whole “saying goodbye to Harry” goes beyond my sadness that there will never be more Harry. It was an end of an era. This fact was further reinforced to me as I drove home and “Beautiful Day” by U2 came on the radio. It felt oddly appropriate to be on the radio on this fateful night–it was the song that played on the Highland High football field the moment I threw my graduation cap in the air and knew I was done there forever. While it was semi-sad, I knew that not only was I moving on the bigger and better–I would be able to look back on all the good times I had in high school and remember them fondly. And I do. I remember the great times I had in seminary, the amazing time I spent in choir and orchestra, the teachers and lessons that influenced me the most, and the great friends that helped me get through it all.
And so while I am still a little bit devastated about the lack of future Harry Potter novels-slash-movies, I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to look back at all the fun times it provided me and realize that while I am sure there are even greater things to look forward to, I can always read the series for a 19th time and relive my childhood once more. After all, as Harry says at the conclusion of the first movie as he leaves to join the real world once again–I’m not going home. Not really. 🙂