Classic Movies: 7-6

This is one of those movies I feel like I need to put up out of principle. As I have yet to see Citizen Cane and I refuse to see The Godfather (out of principle) Casablanca is the highest-rated movie from AFI’s Top 100 Movies List. Humphrey Bogart (who happens to top the list of AFI’s 100 Stars, just one ahead of Cary) does a fantastic job playing the owner of Rick’s Cafe, a former American patriot turned cynical skeptic by the girl who done him wrong. When she comes back with her French Freedom-Fighter FiancΓ©e (I love alliteration!), amazing and awe-inspiring scenes like this one occur. It makes me proud to be an American….or French…or something… either way–Goosebumps!
#6-Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Anyone who has spent any amount of time with me (or any time admiring the display on my bedroom walls) knows that I ADORE Audrey Hepburn. And she is at her eye-popping, jaw-dropping, glamorous best in this film–even with her hair in a towel, wearing a pair of sweats with no make-up on. (How is this fair?) I feel like a lot of people feel like Holly Golightly at some point–like a poor no-name slob, looking for love. And let’s be honest–how can you not love a movie that ends with a good kiss in the rain?

  • The movie that introduced me to the stud of a man known as Rock Hudson-all six-foot-six of him πŸ™‚
  • A movie I’ve been calling my favorite for a long time, and we welcome back Danny Kaye
Jimmer Update–I finally got to go to a basketball game tonight! Jimmer was a little off his game, though…he only scored 36 points. That’s ok. I’ll get to see the Jimmershow again at the next one!

Top Ten Classic Movies: 10-8

And so the Classic movie list continues. Today, we get to start with my favorite leading gentleman: Cary Grant in–
#10-North by Northwest
This movie is brilliant. Not only does Cary’s character maneuver through winding roads after being intoxicated, evade being framed for a murder that takes place in the United Nations, avoid being mowed down by a crop-duster, and climb on the nose of Jefferson on Mount Rushmore, the O. in Roger O. Thornhill doesn’t actually stand for anything, which is fantastic. Alfred Hitchcock does it again!
#9-Mr Smith Goes to Washington
This is the movie that inspired me to never go into politics. Jimmy Stewart come through for us again, playing a kind-of naive, but super sweet new congressman who goes to Washington to preserve the American government he so reveres. When he finds out that it’s not all sunshine and daisies, he takes a stand…literally. This movie taught me what a Fillibuster was and got me extra credit in my AP American History class my junior year. Thank you Jimmy Stewart!
#8-Gone With the Wind

Now, this movie didn’t make it to the top ten list just because it was the first movie in history to swear…although Rhett’s parting line is pretty awesome. (Disclaimer–by clicking on that link, you may be subjected to a PG rating word. Don’t say I didn’t warn you) Rhett Butler is basically amazing. So are Scarlett’s dresses (that seems to be a common theme in this list…) Sitting through all 5 billion hours of this movie is totally worth it, because the story, the characters, the actors, and to music are all unforgettable, making this movie a definite classic in my book.

  • A love story that takes place in World War II and arguably the best movie of all time
  • The story of a glamor girl who finds herself and she finds true love. Also, the reason why I adore Audrey Hepburn.

Classic Movies-Honorable Mentions

I rarely have weekend plans, but I am super excited for this Friday. Why, you ask? Because I get to see a Cary Grant movie I’ve never seen before in the Library Movie Theater! BYU is kind of awesome like that–they have this on-going classic movie festival. Ever since I arrived at this blessed university, I have been waiting for the day they show a Cary Grant movie, and this Friday, I will finally have my chance!

I’m saving my I-Love-Cary-Grant post for after I see the movie, but I’ve decided to make a top ten list of my favorite classic movies. When first putting together this list, I realized there were way more than 10 movies I at least had to mention, so here are the honorable mentions of my Classic Movies List.
West Side Story

The classic star-crossed lover tale put into a modern-day New York, complete with teenage gangsters dancing like ballerinas. Leonard Bernstein won at life after making this fantastic musical (which apparently is supposed to opera-esque. Interesting) His music is fantastic:Officer Krupke helped me realize that blood-thirsty teenage gangsters are actually harmless little boys with a great sense of humor, America made me want to move to America (weird, I know), and Tonight…well, that song is a masterpiece.

Rear Window

One of Alfred Hitchcock’s finest pairings–Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. Jimmy is a close second for my favorite actor of the Golden Age of Hollywood, and he will appear quite frequently in this list–don’t say I didn’t warn you. He does an excellent job of portraying an over-eager photographer who’s cooped at home with a broken leg. Grace Kelly does an awesome job being his mega-glamorous girlfriend. (Her wardrobe in this movie is to DIE for! Seriously-her dresses are amazing!) What I love about this movie is it provides the perfect amount of suspense even though we never even leave the apartment. Seriously. Alfred Hitchcock is amazing.

White Christmas

I had a hard time justifying putting this in the top ten list because it’s a Christmas movie, but I knew it had to go up. It’s also a shout-out to my Grandpa, because apparently this is his favorite movie of all time. I’m not saying I blame him–Irving Berlin’s songs, the amazing choreography, and Danny Kaye just by himself make this movie a hit. Whenever he and that other chick dance, it makes me want to quit everything I’m doing right now and take dance lessons until I can dosomething like this.
To Catch a Thief

And so Grace Kelly and her gorgeousness make it back on my list, and we are finally introduced to the man I would have married if he wouldn’t have died 5 years before I was born…among other reasons, I guess. This is another Alfred Hitchcock that features elegance in an exotic setting–an artful thief wooing a beautiful woman on the French Riviera. Yum. Cary Grant once commented that Grace Kelly was his favorite actress to work with, and I think the way they play off each other in this movie really shows the dynamics of these two legendary actors.
To Kill a Mockingbird

I’m actually not sure why this movie is only in my honorable mention list and not in the top ten…I must have my priorities totally messed up, because this is one of the most inspiring movies of all time. I mean, who though that a single father who spends his days as a near-sighted lawyer would ever be attractive? Gregory Peck has done it, though, in his spot-on portrayal of Atticus Finch. Yummy. In my top ten list of favorite super heroes, Atticus Finch would probably only be beaten by Jimmer. Moral of the story here: I need to pay better attention when putting together these lists so I can put To Kill a Mockingbird higher on my list next time.

Up next:
  • More of the legendary work of the one and only Alfred Hitchcock
  • Jimmy Stewart living the American Dream
  • A trip down south to talk about a movie that has not only made it to the top of 7 of the American Film Institute’s Top 100 lists, but remains the best-selling movie of all time. It also may or may not have a smokin’ hot main character whose name rhymes with Bett Ruttler. Oh, baby.


The time has come.
I am about to elaborate on something that has been very dear to me over the last 5 years.


After inviting the fine young men of 228 over for a night of 7-layer-dip, we decided to watch one of the episodes of Psych that I got for my birthday (thank you mom! (who carried me for 9 months)) The first episode was, of course, followed by another, which was followed by 3 more. One of greatest joys in life is introducing others to the joy of Psych. Hearing them laugh about lines that have been sending me into fits of laughter simply brings joy to my life.

Shawn Spencer is the best. As it was once so delicately put, “Shawn Spencer is a thick-tufted boy who ice skates through life on polished blades of snarky eloquence.” How can you beat that? His character is the reason I love the show so much–his random and quirky comments make me giggle like a little girl.

(PS-He’s also super attractive. See above)

Gus is fantastic. The “Gus-don’t-be-a” ‘s are one of my favorite parts of the episode. And the way Gus either plays along with it or looks at Shawn like he’s a crazy person. I love Gus.

And I love Shawn.

And Lassie? He’s so great. His little awkward one-liners and strange habits are a constant source of enjoyment for me.

And Shawn? He’s my favorite.

Juliet is awesome too. *SPOILER* Now that she and Shawn are together, I think I can die happy. Except for knowing that season 6 starts in a mere 5 months…so I can’t really die before that.

Because I love Shawn Spencer.

And the Pineapple is central to the whole existence of my little Psych-universe. It gives me meaning in life, and is the origin of my blog’s name–anytime you want to split a pineapple, I am here for you.

So, my friends, if I haven’t yet introduced you to the beauty that is Psych, I have been neglectful. We can fix this disastrous situation ASAP–I have a Psych episode for everybody πŸ™‚

Birthday Wishes

For those of you who are unaware, today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to Me! As much fun as it would be to talk about myself, how great the day I was born is, and how wonderful the world has been since I came into it, I have decided, instead, to dedicate my birthday post to the woman who birthed me. She carried me for 9 months, you know.

Remember how birthdays used to be the best thing ever? There were two days I looked forward to: December 25th and February 16th. Christmas is great because…well, it’s Christmas. But February 16th was another magical day–it was my own special day that I didn’t have to share. I feel like as I’ve grown up, though, birthdays have lost their magic. Apparently to everyone else in the world, February 16th is just another day to go to school, go to work, and eat at Village Inn. So I woke up this morning, remember what day it was, and got ready for school and for a little bit of a let-down.
PS (an in the middle of the post PS)-I’m really ok. I am not nearly as cynical as I sound above. It was all just for dramatic effect!
But then I got a text from all of my family members (except for Andie, but she doesn’t have a cell phone, so she’s excused). And then when I got to work, my mom (who carried me for 9 months) had sent me an email that I loved. It kind of made me cry at work. And then my dear old friend Lauren Plowman brought me cupcakes, also from my mom. These small but simple things really made my day great, and it made me realize how much I love her.
My mother (who carried me for 9 months) is my greatest role model. She is the single greatest person I know (well, she’s tied with my dad. I feel like that’s only fair). Not only did she carry me for nine months, she has always been there for every step of my life–every choir and orchestra concert, every girls camp, every academic night, and every time I needed someone to sign off on my Personal Progress. She was there every night to make delicious meals, every Monday and Thursday to do laundry, every time I needed ride somewhere (pre-16, anyway), and every time I needed to vent about school, friends, or boys. And guess what? She carried me for nine months! I admire her more than anyone in the world (well, she’s tied with my dad. I feel like that’s only fair) and am so glad that we’ve become even closer since I moved to Utah. She really has become one of my best friends, and I love her more and more every day, especially since she carried me for nine months.
My birthday ended well, with my roommates decorating the apartment for when I came home, going to Burgers Supreme for dinner, and half of my ward bringing goodies for me, but my mom was the one that started my day off well. So thanks for carrying me for nine months and for always being there for me.
I love you!

February 14th

I happen to love February 14th. It’s a day when I wake up, jump out of bed, and rush to get my day started because there is so much celebrating to do! What, you may ask, makes this day so special? Let me tell you.

It’s Arizona Statehood Day!

Anyone who has talked to me for an extended period of time knows that I LOVE my home state of AZ. I love the weather, I love the people, I love my neighborhood and ward, and I love being home with my family. So when I remembered today that I have a reason to celebrate the creation of my favorite state, I went ahead and celebrated! The rest of the campus was celebrating too–We had heart shaped cookies in Spanish class (to represent our love for Arizona), we sang “Love One Another” for our opening song in Church History (because we love Arizona and it loves us), and everyone was wearing either pink or red, an obvious reference to the red stripes on the Arizona flag. See? Arizona is just the greatest. πŸ™‚

College Dinners

I went over to my friend Allan’s apartment tonight. He was having some emotional issues–someone had put up a poster for free back massages with his phone number at the bottom. This might be funny to other people, but Allan has some sort of strange prejudice against back rubs. Weird, I know. So I went over to help him sort through his problems when he decided he was hungry and wanted something to eat.

First he made spaghetti.
Then he put an extremely garlic-y sauce on top.
He then decided he wanted some meat on it. So what did he do?
He put on some hot dogs.
That’s right. Hot dogs. And cheese. But really-hot dogs??
He took a couple bites of this and determined it to be “Slimy, yet satisfying,” which I did appreciate.

But you will never believe what he said next.
“I think I want it in a burrito”
So he wrapped it in a tortilla.
A hot-dog spaghetti cheese burrito? That’s one I’ve never heard of. But that’s part of the fun of college life πŸ™‚