Sisters never quite forgive each other for what happened when they were five.

So, I have a sister. Well, I actually have 3, but there’s one in particular I want to dedicates this blog post to. She, indeed, has never forgiven me for that whole Block-On-Head incident (seriously? It was like 15 years ago. Get over it.) But we do have good times anyway

Attractive picture, I know.

Haley and I are very different people, but somehow we still manage to get along. She is a Super Soccer Star, and I’m an Orch Dork with zero coordination. She’s always out with friends, and I’m perfectly content spending a night in. And let’s not even start about her amazing fashion sense–Every day for the first week over Christmas break, she would look me up and down and order me back to my room to change. And then she took me to the mall and gave me all these clothes to try on. She did give me the option of choosing what I actually bought, though, which was nice…I guess. So yeah, she’s bossy. So yeah, she still sits on me for pay back for the Blocks-On-Head Incident. So yeah, she may or may not be an inch and a half taller than me…*cough cough*…but I love her!
This blog post is dedicated to her because when I made my weekly Sunday call, she sat and listened to me complain about how lame my great life is. She made me feel better about life, and gave me that extra little boost I needed to get over myself and keep going. She’s fantastic, and I’m so lucky to have her in my life 🙂


Jimmer-It’s a Verb

Remember when I said I wasn’t sure about this whole blogging thing? Well, apparently I’m on a blogging spree now, because I find all these things so exciting, I must write about them!
I’m not a huge basketball fan, but I do love BYU (I’ve realized that an I-Love-BYU entry needs to be made soon…be excited). But tonight our basketball team, who is ranked number 9, played number 4 San Diego State. So I decided to take a study break and go to campus to watch it with my ward friends. And I made a discovery.
Basketball is fun to watch.
Mostly because of this guy.

Jimmer Fredette. According to Jimmer: To succeed at something in an exceptional manner.
Named after BYU point guard Jimmer Fredette.
Can also be used in the past tense form of “Jimmered” or “Jimmeresque” or “Jimmer show”. Also, one who is in range as soon as he steps off the bus.
He’s basically the man. We had fun making a tally of all the points he made during two halves. 43 points, which is 15 points short of the total score of SDSU. He was basically fantastic.
Jimmer makes me Simmer. 🙂

Temple Blessings

So I know I’ve mentioned my tiny but totally justified obsession of Psych in my little side-bar bio, but here’s another one of my obsessions.

I love Love LOVE the temple. The one above is the one in Mesa, where I am going to be sealed someday. It’s going to be fantastic. My roommate Allison and I are actually planning a Utah Temple Tour where we go to all of the Utah temples before…well, just go to all of them. We also eat along the way, which is a nice little bonus.
Because I have so much time off of Tuesday mornings, I decided a quick trip to the temple would make my Tuesday Terrific (and alliterative). So off I walked up temple hill after I got out of my 8 o’clock Spanish class (ugh), feeling pretty good about the nice walk up 9th, the chilly but refreshingly crisp temperature, and (most of all) the lack of snow.
Doing baptisms was a pleasure, as always, and I was feeling way good about life when I come outside to find this.

A huge blanket of white nothingness. The blizzard of the century. A mess of freezing cold wet stuff. Now, no one told me it was supposed to snow. The usually reliable told me it was supposed to be sunny all week. Well, the Utah weathermen have thrown my entire schedule as usual. Sigh…sometimes I really miss Arizona where you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be sunny and hot. Arizona is so darn dependable. I love it.

Goldfish Killer

Goldfish Killer.

This is what they’re going to remember me for someday. Who are “they”, you might ask? I have no idea. All I know is I am going down in history as the worst goldfish owner in the history of the world.

I bought Buffo on a date last Friday. We got together as roommates and decided that we felt we were ready to bring another little life into 224. So I went and bought my baby Buffo, whom I love dearly. But he doesn’t eat. And he doesn’t swim. He just sits there in his dirty water. And now he’s getting little black spots, and I think it’s comparable to the black spot in Treasure Island (or Muppet Treasure Island, where the black spot scared the heck out of me). It’s a sign. He only has a few more days until he takes that last swim down the pipes.
What implications does this have for my not-so-distant future? Will my children behave the same way? What if they don’t eat? What if they don’t do anything other than sit there in dirty…other things? And the black spots?! Heaven help me.